True Dating Stories spills the tea on real-life relationship nightmares

‘True Dating Stories’ spills the tea on real-life relationship nightmares

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Produced by brothers Andy and Matt King, real Dating Stories is like This American Life as thought because of the Drunk History team. In almost every seven to 10 moment part, actual life storytellers remember their many embarrassing times, that are then recreated by comedic actors.

Laura is certainly one of storytellers showcased in period two.

Whenever the design comedian discovered herself at household celebration, Laura knew she held a trump card. Not only a relationship story however the dating tale. Usually the one therefore uncomfortable and self-deprecating that is darkly you could top it. Then when a party-goer would whine in horror about this time whenever their date did not also fake reaching for the bill, she’d drop in like a residence burning. “to not ever brag, but it is difficult to one-up me personally,” she boasts.

Then when her agent expected if she had any wild dating tales to subscribe to the next period of real Dating Stories, Laura knew the full time had arrived at just simply just just just take her lewd party tale nationwide.

The end result — a tale that is wicked en en en titled Laura (the show deliberately provides no final names) that begins as Machiavellian dog sitting flirt ploy and concludes a few twists later on in an extremely regrettable and uncomfortably long physical function — is just a standout episode within the 2nd period of CBC Comedy’s electronic show real Dating Stories. Read More