7 Things Extended Eye Contact From Some Guy May Mean

7 Things Extended Eye Contact From Some Guy May Mean

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4. An endeavor to communicate one thing.

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If a guy that youre lacking a discussion with is providing you prolonged eye contact, possibly from throughout the room, it could be that theyre trying to get your attention, and let you know or alert you to definitely something non-verbally.

Catching someones attention is a way that is effective of their attention, you simply might find it difficult to determine what it really is theyre attempting to let you know.

Then theyre definitely trying to tell you something if they nod in a certain direction or raise their eyebrows.

5. Manipulation.

So, weve established that attention contact can indicate lot of positive things.

Nonetheless its not necessarily good.

Eye contact is an instrument employed by manipulative people too.

They go on it a step further, which can be sometimes referred to as hypnotic gazing.

Theyll probably team the extended attention contact with doing or saying something to try where in actuality the boundaries lie.

It may look like theyre wanting to express their love you, and its easy to fall under the spell of someone who uses these techniques for you or seduce. Read More