Understanding and utilizing the language/terminology from the lesbian

Understanding and utilizing the language/terminology from the lesbian

Glossary of typical terms


, gay, bisexual, transgender, sex diverse, intersex, queer, asexual and questioning (LGBTIQA+) 1 communities helps you to make certain that services and organisations are comprehensive and respectful. 2 This resource sheet provides a glossary of terms for professionals and companies to aid them to higher comprehend the terminology and also to make use of comprehensive language in solution supply.


The info in this resource sheet is supposed to greatly help providers and professionals create safe areas for consumers that are people of these communities.

Studies have shown that some companies assume that their customers are heterosexual and make use of heterosexist language, that may end up in disquiet for consumers and make them perhaps perhaps maybe not disclose their LGBTIQA+ status (Australian Human Rights Commission AHRC, 2015) or talk about their sex or sex. Enhancing access to appropriate solutions is very important as a result of the greater prices of psychological state problems such as for example despair, anxiety and committing committing committing suicide (nationwide LGBTI wellness Alliance, 2016) being skilled by people in LGBTIQA+ communities when compared with their non-LGBTIQA+ peers. Analysis additionally shows that pressures faced by same-gender attracted people that are young such as for example bullying, homelessness and emotions of pity, fear and confusion, try not to stem through the nature of these intimate or gender variety. Instead, these are typically driven by the anxiety about, or real, discrimination via organizations which are crucial into the everyday lives of young adults, including schools, wellness solutions and welfare solutions (AHRC, 2015). Read More