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This overpowered hero able to transcend your heroes into immortal realm. SkeleticaSkelly can counter any attack with huge damage, nullify damage, self heal and fast energy recovery. Fixed a bug that affected the cooldown time of the Paladin’s skill Divine Shield. You’ll now receive text reports of your teams’ battles in the guild chat.

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Upgrade DifferencesThe Clan Castle undergoes significant visual changes when it is initially repaired , and when it is upgraded to level 2 and level 5. Much of the detail of the top of the Clan Castle is obscured by your Clan Symbolonce you create or join a Clan, however.When it first appears, it is ruined . The Clan Castle is home to the Treasury, which receives loot from the daily Star Bonus and Clan Wars. Attackers can only steal a very small percentage of the loot stored within the Treasury. Rebuilding a Clan Castle requires a Builder, but its reconstruction happens instantly.

You can also use read more about this labels to find the Clans that best matches your play style. Go to My Profile and select up to three labels that describes you. These labels will be taken in to account when you’re looking for a Clan, and also when Clans are looking for you. You can also filter the Suggested Clans list based on labels. You can also assign tags that describe your play style and your interests. This helps Clans understand what kind of a player you are, and that they shouldn’t pass up on such a great player.

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The decorations have no buildings time, you can sell a decoration but you receive only 10% of the original price for it. With only one Air Defense left, you can place your 10 Dragons practically anywhere on the map and get an easy 100% clear. Place them in the same area of the map, but spread them out a little bit in order to reduce the effects of splash damage.

  • Honor Badges are the bottleneck in this game so spending them wisely is crucial.
  • Enter your name in the best racers and mechanics hall of fame.
  • So your first day at Town hall 11 wil have a 90% success but after a few days it will turn to 100%.
  • That is to say, much the same as Clash of Clans, you’ll be battling with foes in Clan Wars again.
  • Eagle Artillery fixed to allow it to be attacked from the same range as other structures .

You should always be careful putting level 5 talents on this hero. He will become less and less useful as you grow in might. PD is certainly the top buffer in the game, with no cooldown. Once PD starts speeding up, it’s not much that can stop him or his allied heroes.