just What do you consider Is vanilla sex bland?

just What do you consider Is vanilla sex bland?

“Vanilla” hasn’t been a put-down

“Those of us who possess various . notions of sensuality and eroticism are merely dismissed. The pejorative word beingword that is pejorative ‘vanilla,’ which will be ironically, perhaps one of the most sensual aromas.” – Andrea Dworkin.

“I wish BDSM folks would stop talking about me personally as ‘vanilla.’ If you are making the situation that everybody must be liberated to do whatever they like without having to be judged, why call non-BDSM people a derogatory title that implies they’re all prudish bores?” – Anonymous, commenter on Bitch.

If we bemoan the oversexualization of tradition, should we additionally be concerned with the kinkification of tradition?

As BDSM writer Clarisse Thorn writes, “Being a feminist that is sex-positive we stress that other females will read might work and it surely will increase their performance anxiety . that it’ll lead other females to feel, ‘Gosh, is it one thing liberated sex-positive females do? Read More