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In addition, the fan control of the cooler on the graphics card can be influenced and the temperature and the power target manipulated. If you are looking for productivity over customization, Folder Maker is just the app for you. The motto of this app is to provide productivity than customization. The visible feature of the application is the color code of the different application. The user will get options of prioritizing the folders according to their importance.

  • She told us eLearning lets you work at your own pace, without needing to coordinate two calendars to arrange a lesson or meetup.
  • If you don’t have $10 to spare each month, Duolingo is a well-known free suite that offers access to courses that cover popular languages and even Klingon from Star Trek.
  • Like Rosetta Stone, mobile apps are available but you won’t be able to connect with live tutors.
  • All you need to do is choose a language, create an account and you’re good to go.
  • “With face-to-face instruction, there’s the pressure of responding quickly.

Also, a bad name, because Videos can play music, too, plus the dark theme is hard-coded and does not align well with the rest of the desktop. Just a snapshot of the ailing state of what home Linux really is.

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Data can be anonoymously uploaded and compard against averages and top scores. Recommendations – Automatically evaluate all aspects of your Windows 7 configuration with detailed, yet easy to understand, suggestions provided to help you get more control over your Windows 7 PC. Internet Optimization – Tweak7 can improve your Internet surfing performance by changing the underlying Internet settings on Windows 7 to fit the capabilities of your PC. The GPU Tweak II tool can monitor graphics cards from Asus, overclock or adjust their LED lighting.

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Internet Tweak – Accelerate Internet Connection and Optimize Internet Explorer Settings. This software reveals more than 300 secret settings of modem, web browser, and e-mail client software. NetMod Configuration Manager is a free software application developed by Intracom for the netMod modem. All the necessary tools are available on the interface of KeyTweak. It displays a keyboard layout that you can use to select a specific key in order to change its function. For example, if the “Space” key is damaged and can no longer be used, you can assign its code to the Left Alt key. In a similar way, gamers can assign various functions to specific keys.

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Hardware Icon Set is a collection of hardware icons, distributed in BMP, PNG, GIF and ICO formats and 16×16, 24×24 and 32×32 sizes. The collection features both 256-color icons and full-color icons for Windows XP and Vista. The Icon Empire Hardware Icon Library is a comprehensive set of icons that covers most of the possible hardware-related application’s needs in amazing detail. Hardware Organizer Deluxe is a complete program that allows computer owners, small offices, and hardware dealers to organize, catalog, and manage their hardware on their PCs.

The answer is, because Gnome Software is not an adequate tool for my needs, and therefore, I prefer the simplicity, consistency and speed of the terminal window. There’s also a welcome bonus in the shape of the Cleaner, a separate module for removing history information and assorted junk files from your PC. This detects and deletes files left behind by IE, Firefox, Windows components, and a few third-party applications, and quickly freed up more than 10GB of drive space on our test PC. All other registered users of v1 can upgrade for a 33% discount. Assessment Comparison – Tweak7 allows the user to use Windows 7’s built in Assessment information to compare their computer against other Tweak7 users.