Use situation: handling a listing of farmer beneficiaries

Use situation: handling a listing of farmer beneficiaries

this informative article is followed closely by test kinds, dataset definitions and test information conserved in this folder.


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Within the agricultural sector, a typical utilization of SurveyCTO is always to keep an eye on farmers. An average situation is when an agricultural programme officer leads an exercise on an intervention geared towards training regional farmers about how to implement a farming technique that is new. This frequently involves keeping a workshop with chosen farmers in a locality. The programme officer wish to keep tabs on all of the attendees as well as in due program follow through they are progressing with the lessons learnt with them to check on how. The officer shall might like to do the annotated following:

  1. Enroll farmers.
  2. Record the existence of farmers at conferences.
  3. Improve farmers’ details.
  4. Delete an archive of a farmer.

In this specific article, we will walk through an example workflow for handling a directory of farmer beneficiaries making use of SurveyCTO.

This workflow is broadly applicable, illustrating how to produce and keep a listing of a number of other things regardless of farmers ( e.g. schools, latrines, medications, or clinics) in a host dataset through type submissions. In case the usage instance just isn’t farming, it is possible to nevertheless learn something.

Workflow elements

They are the files which you shall have to deploy on your own host to check this workflow:

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