Is My Boyfriend Lying Or Perhaps Is This Just Dating Spam?

Is My Boyfriend Lying Or Perhaps Is This Just Dating Spam?

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We received a concerned e-mail from an audience. On it, she asks:

“Can a person get communications from 1 of those mobile dating things if some one does not signal up/or leave that particular cellular number? I’d one from which transfers in to an intercourse website (porn photos, etc. ) and I also not have been using one of those in my own life! My boyfriend, having said that, has in past times. I will be afraid my boyfriend is lying in my experience. “

My reaction that is first was ask your reader to learn more to explain her situation.

From the things I can comprehend, the pair of them share a mobile phone, and she is getting texts from a grown-up site that is dating asking her to join, register, or visit. I am responding to the relevant concern with this particular assumption at heart, although, We’ll protect one other possibility at the conclusion with this post.

Consequently, to resolve: that which you’ve gotten is many most likely spam. A search that is quick unearthed that they have used a few Florida-based Bing Voice cell phone numbers to spam random mobile figures utilizing the message, “Hi we place a pic on my web page on simply register and look it out; -)”. Read More