It generally does not seem like youve got any good grounds to worry.

It generally does not seem like you’ve got any good grounds to worry.

I believe is in reality a fairly good trait for dudes to own a respectable amount of feminine buddies; it indicates they do not sign up to the toxic (and commonplace) proven fact that both women and men can never be buddies because males would like to bone tissue. This means they see females as sentient and complex beings that are human not merely sex things – the truth that you state he is ‘not super laddy’ would seem to guide this interpretation. Like you have any evidence – I don’t see any issue here unless you have reason to believe that he’s f**king all his female friends – and it doesn’t sound.

However, this insidious view – that males only ever wish intercourse from females, and so if they are buddies together with them,

It is simply a way to an end – is actually pervasive within our tradition (see ‘friendzone’, as an example). It really is centered on a lot of unhelpful, essentialist gender stereotypes, plus in brief, it is bulls4hit. I’m able to understand just why you’re feeling insecure though, since this interpretation fits well with your gotten tips about both women and men. Read More