The Bells Beach Monopoly home designed for the bush plus the surf

The Bells Beach Monopoly home designed for the bush plus the surf

Living deeply within bushy hectares near enough into the famous break at Bells Beach on Victoria’s surf coastline feels like an idyllic situation for the medico couple with four young ones, and two household members – dad and teenage son – who surf.

But at Jan Juc, the vacation and downsizer settlement which has prioritised the retention of regional plant types, and therefore on their 2.02-hectare block means numerous twisty, rutted ironbarks, the truth search for any brand brand new build or home expansion is defence.

The Surf Coast is high score bushfire nation.

As well as in light of just what our eastern and south coastline Australian summer time has sent to date, this exemplifies reasoning, planning and building design which could now end up being the norm for places positioned anywhere beyond the kerbed and asphalted suburbs of y our capitals.

As soon as the few stumbled on David Seeley, seeking an extension up to a much-amended and rangy 1970s home that is low-rise the fire risk research founded that this new children’s wing could have a southerly facade with a Bal 29 score.

The couple stumbled on David Seeley requesting an expansion to their rangy ’70s home. Picture: Peter Hyatt

In the case … that way that is’s than halfway to incredibly frightening.

Even though Seeley, whom for many years happens to be certainly one of the coast’s many ubiquitous architects, claims that the longer he practises the easier and simpler their building types are getting to be, the ensuing design for the four room, double-level new wing is really so reductionist the upper storey has had the form of a Monopoly house.

“Reducing the fire-front issues ended up being our forefront concern. Read More